Class Descriptions

Kids, Pre-Teen & Teen Classes

Happy Feet

Students are introduced to the magic and wonder of dance through creative movement, dance and play!

Twinkle Toes Ballet 

A magical introductory for little ballerinas to develop body awareness, musicality and self confidence.

Dance Club   

Dance Club is an exciting mixture of Hip Hop, Musical Theatre, Jazz and Freestyle. This class offers the perfect variety for the dancer that wants to enjoy it all!

B-Boyz Breakdance Crew

B-Boyz Breakdance crew encourages confidence, fitness, and friendship. This class introduces young B-Boys to Hip Hop, Locking, and Break Dancing, while also focusing on acrobatic moves, footwork, coordination, and personal style.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is an upbeat urban style of dance that is forever evolving. These high energy classes are created with the principles of popping, locking, breaking, commercial/new style, street jazz, house, wacking, krumping, and reggaeton.

Contemporary & Lyrical

Contemporary & Lyrical dance is a class for dancers who have a fondness for expression and artistry. Contemporary Dance combines elements of Ballet, Modern, and Jazz techniques. This style of dance holds a strong connection between mind and body, allowing dancers to explore and express emotions through dance.

ID Dance Fever

This dance club is designed for teens and adults with intellectual disabilities. A variety of dance styles are offered including Contemporary, Modern Jazz, Musical Theatre and much more. Creativity and free expression are the core of this program.

Elite Dance

This program focuses on building a strong technical dancer while enhancing each dancer’s performance and artistry skills. GRDA Elite Dancers work hard towards exams and competitions, working as teams and individuals.

Elite Dancers must have at least 2 years previous dance experience and take at least one other dance class in our studio a week. This class is 2.5 hours in duration and includes Ballet, Contemporary, Lyrical, Modern Jazz technique while training dancers at an intensive pace, focusing on alignment of body, performance and musicality.


Adult Dance Fitness


Dancing is a great way to get in shape, develop flexibility, and to enjoy yourself with like-minded people.

Dance Fitness

A fun, fast-paced dance class that feels like a party. An energetic class perfect for all levels of fitness, with a mixture of Hip Hop, Street Jazz, Reggaeton, Disco and Funk.

Ballet & Contemporary

This class offers a series of stretching, toning and release exercises based on the basics of ballet, modern and contemporary dance. Combining warm up, choreography and floor work, it’s perfect for strengthening your body and improving flexibility.


Uniform Requirements



All Levels – Leotard with leggings, tights or shorts. Bare feet, foot thongs, jazz shoes or ballet shoes. Hair must be tied up.

Hip Hop & Dance Club

All Levels – Comfy movable clothes, no jeans. Runners or jazz shoes. Hair must be tied up.

Twinkle Toes Ballet

Twinkle Toes Ballerina are expected to wear a pink leotards with pink tights, pink skirt and ballet shoes. Hair must be tied up.