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Health & Confidence For Young Dancers

We know it’s been a crazy year. Our kids have spent so much time inside – with group activities on hold, school through a screen… It’s safe to say kids, teens, and young adults could all use a fun dose of physical activity. It’s time to get moving! 

Lucky for us all, these dance classes are a healthy and fun way for kids and teens alike to get active. And all are welcome! 

“Dance education aids in the development of overall body awareness, at GRDA students learn to fully appreciate their own bodies and realise how amazingly capable they are.”

With classes available on Zoom, we’re opening up to a wider community of young dancers. By developing each dancers’ abilities, skills, and techniques while nurturing creativity, we’ve designed classes that help young students realise their potential – in body and mind – through the Performing Arts

Our online classes are perfect for any age. 

  • For Kids – Your little ones will surprise you! Open up their window to the Performing Arts Tiny Tots classes for kids aged 3-5 are gently structured. Little ones build motor skills and coordination while we encourage creativity, imagination, and self-confidence. 
  • For Teens – Dance Club, Hip Hop, and Contemporary classes (among others) welcome young teens to explore dance through invigorating and fast-paced lessons – suited to the styles they enjoy most.
  • For All – Let’s not forget Yoga and Meditation sessions to keep the mind and body connected. The pandemic has left many kids and teens with higher levels of stress, anxiety and isolation issues. We can provide a chance to learn, relax, and reflect in a safe space.

Beyond the studio. Developing and mastering these skills makes a big impression on young minds. The joy a student feels when they’ve met a goal is oh so profound. The sooner they start chasing that feeling, the better. And GRDA’s YouTube channel is filled with free videos to get you started. 

With Zoom Classes available, GRDA welcomes all children and teens to pursue dance and to benefit from all it has to offer – from healthy activity and exercise to a liberating sense of confidence, capability, and self-expression. Visit Genevieve Ryan Dance Academy’s website for more details and Zoom Classes.