Vision Statement

Genevieve Ryan Dance Academy aims to nurture and develop a dancer’s passion, integrity, and confidence in the performing arts.

Mission Statement

Genevieve Ryan Dance Academy aspires to develop a dancers’ ability with skills & technique while nurturing the creative possibilities within each dancer. We believe that the magic of the performing arts provides both physical and intellectual benefits that will enrich the lives of our students. Dance education aids in the development of overall body awareness, at GRDA students learn to fully appreciate their own bodies and realise how amazingly capable they are. Our dance programs promote health, wellbeing, creativity and self-confidence. Our aim is to share our love of dance with students, through continued support and encouragement.

Core Values

Child Welfare

Every student’s health, safety, happiness and well-being is always our #1 priority.


Empower students to achieve the best they can be!


Create things that light you up, that inspire others and expresses who you are!


We constantly strive to better ourselves, challenge our students and educate ourselves!

Core Values


Always be true to yourself.


Look after one another and work together as a team.

Customer Service

We are passionate about delivering the best experience every day, both inside and outside the studio walls for all students and their families.


GRDA have an open door policy when it comes to communication. We believe communication helps us build relationships and community by allowing parents, students and teachers to share experiences, needs, and helps us connect to others. GRDA encourages open communication within the community helping provide better experiences for everyone.

About Genevieve

Genevieve Ryan
Originally from the US, Genevieve Ryan is a dancer, choreographer and teacher who has made Galway her home since 2006. Genevieve began dancing at the age of 3 and believes that dance is a creative form of expression that everyone should enjoy. She has studied dance all across the United States specialising in a variety of styles including Street Dance, Modern Jazz, Musical Theatre and Contemporary. In addition to dance and choreography, Genevieve is a lifelong Yoga practitioner. In 2001, she received her certification after completing the renowned Sivananda Yoga Teachers Training course at the Sivananda Ashram in Neyyar Dam, India.

In 2009 she received her dance teaching qualifications, with distinction, from the IDTA (International Dance Teachers Association). In 2015 she accepted her MA in Dance from the University of Limerick, where she explored the links between environment and culture, and their specific effects on the creative processes of choreographers.
She is a founding member of Galway Dance Project, established in 2011, with aims to facilitate professional dance practice in Galway city and county and served as Chair of the Board from 2013 to 2017. In 2012, Genevieve established Off Beaten Path Dance Company with Katarzyna Voetter and musician Eamon Brett. The company aims to create new work focusing on collaborations and connections between movement and live music, presently she is artistic director and a principal dancer.