Terms & Conditions

Fees, deposits and refunds

  1. Before attending a class, students must be enrolled through our online booking system.
    2. A fee is charged for each class students are enrolled in. 
    3. Students are expected to attend all classes and payment will be required at the time of booking. 
    4. Once enrolled invoices are available through the parent portal.
    5. Refunds will not be given for non-attendance and will only be provided in exceptional circumstances.
    6. Cancellation Policy: If you find that your child is not enjoying classes and you want to cancel, we request a 2 week cancellation notice. We ask that you contact us through phone or email. 


  1. Payments must be settled the first week of every month.
    8. Payment can be made through our online payment system or in cash. 
  2. A late fee will be added to your account if payment is not made within the first week of the month. 

Register, attendance and absence

  1. A register for each class is maintained by the teacher and records student attendance for the purposes of health and safety and security. These records may also be used for the purpose of assessing student’s growth as a dancer.
  2. If a student is going to miss a class we ask that parents notify us by phone, email, text or through the app.

    Right to attend, change classes, withdrawal and termination of attendance
  3. If an invoice has not been paid at the start of the month or upon enrolment, the student will not be admitted to any classes until the invoice has been paid in full.
    13. Genevieve Ryan Dance Academy reserves the right at any time during the month to ask students to leave a class if any fees are overdue.
    14. If a student wishes to change class or to start an additional class, the parent/guardian must give their consent in writing or by phone so that they can be invoiced for the additional or new class.

Code of conduct

  1. Genevieve Ryan Dance Academy’s  Conduct is below. Failure to observe the Code of Conduct may result in students being asked to sit out the class. GRDA reserves the right to ask students to leave without a refund following a continued breach of the code of conduct.
    18. GRDA reserves the right to alter the advertised schedule with reasonable notice.

Data protection

  1. Genevieve Ryan Dance Academy holds information about our students, parents and guardians to enable us to carry out our business as a dance training organisation. GRDA complies with the European General Data Protection Regulations. A copy of the school’s data protection and privacy policy are included on our website and in the parent portal. 

Changes to the terms and conditions

  1. Genevieve Ryan Dance Academy reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time providing one month’s notice is given to students.

Agreement to the terms and conditions

  1. Parents and guardians of students attending classes at Genevieve Ryan Dance Academy are required to sign their acceptance of the terms and conditions for each student related to or their responsibility by signing the confirmation upon enrolment. Genevieve Ryan Dane Academy accepts electronic signatures as if signed in the original.