Twinkle Toes (Ballet), Ages 3-5
Happy Feet (Creative Movement, Musical Theatre & Hip Hop), Ages 3-5

Toddlers Classes in Galway - GRDA

Is your little one ready to take their first dance steps? This is where it all begins! Skills are introduced in their most basic form, which helps build a solid foundation for any future dance study. Concentration is on developmental skills needed to execute primary dance steps. Toddler dance classes are gently structured for our younger students, focusing mainly on building gross and fine motor skills, coordination, while encouraging creativity, imagination and self-confidence. At GRDA we want to make sure all our Tiny Tots receive the benefits of dance in a fun, supported environment.

Toddlers dance Classes in Galway - GRDA

Happy Feet, Ages 3-5

Happy Feet Toddler dance classes introduces students to the magic and wonder of dance through creative movement, dance and play! Students become aware of the magnificent capabilities of the body and will explore the styles of Musical Theatre, Jazz, Hip Hop, Yoga and Gymnastics.

Twinkle Toes Ballet, Ages 3-5

Twinkle Toes Ballet is a magical introduction for little ballerinas to develop body awareness, musicality and self-confidence. Students will begin to learn the basic elements of Ballet and Creative Movement exploring musicality, movement quality and simple motor coordination. Twinkles Toes Toddler dance classes are very creative and involve games, stories and lots of fun!

Toddlers Classes In Galway - GRDA

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“Anybody can and should dance… It’s good for the body and the spirit.”