Tuition at GRDA is on an annual fee, payable in 9 instalments 2022-2023 Dance Season is 9 months, September – May. During this time will have 32 sessions. Monthly fees are calculated by the number of classes in the year divided by 9 months. This is to make it easier for parents. We have a new parent portal where payments can be made directly. 

45 minute classes are 42.50 a month

60 minute classes are 47.50 a month

90 minute classes are 57.50 a month 

Saturday Company class is 67.50 euros a month

Parents can cancel classes at any time but must give us 2 weeks’ notice before next payment, this allows the school time to fill the space. 

If payments are not made within the first 10 days of the month there will be a 5 euro late fee.

At GRDA we believe anyone and everyone should dance. We start dancers at the age of 3, but all ages are welcome.

All of our teachers have extensive training and qualifications. At GRDA we believe that training is always an ongoing process, this allows us to offer the highest quality of dance education to your dancer.

We offer every new prospective students a free trial class for a couple of reasons. 

  1. To make sure it’s something they enjoy.
  2. To make sure it’s the right class for them. 

Once we see a new student in the studio our qualified teachers can make appropriate recommendations and make sure that they are in the correct environment for their ability, their energy and their age.

We ask that all dancers wear the correct attire (or uniform for ballet classes) to each class. This is clothing they are able to comfortably move in like shorts, leggings, tracksuits, t-shirts etc…. Jeans, school uniforms and tight clothing are not permitted. We also ask that hair is tied back and off the face for each class.

Please be aware that no street shoes are permitted inside the studio. This is to protect our specialized dance floor. The only type of shoes allowed on the dance floor are footwear that are specifically made for dance and dance floors. Dancers are permitted to dance in their socks or bare feet.

GRDA has a variety of classes available for adults, please check the timetable.

Here at GRDA we offer a variety of styles including Ballet, Contemporary, Musical Theatre, Jazz, Hip Hop, Acro Dance, Dance Fitness, and Creative Movement.

If GRDA does not have a class suitable for your time schedule, let us know. We may be able to set up a private class or there may be a waiting list for another class.