Our Dance Classes

Toddler Dance classes

Is your little one ready to take their first dance steps? This is where it all begins! Skills are introduced in their most basic form, which helps build a solid foundation for any future dance study. Concentration is on developmental skills needed to execute primary dance steps. These classes are gently structured for our younger students, focusing mainly on building gross and fine motor skills, coordination, while encouraging creativity, imagination and self-confidence. At GRDA we want to make sure all our Tiny Tots receive the benefits of dance in a fun, supported environment.

Dance Club

Dance Club is an excitingly fast passed class, offering the perfect variety for the dancer that wants it all! Students will explore the styles and techniques of Jazz, Musical Theatre, Disco & Freestyle. Dance Club is a great introduction to the possibilities of dance.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is an energetic dance form that allows dancers to perform with freedom of movement, this style of dance is the pinnacle of self-expression. Hip Hop is an umbrella term which many styles and techniques fall under, such as locking, funk, krump, house, whacking and much more. Hip Hop promotes self-confidence, coordination, endurance, strength, musicality and social interaction. Students will get a taste of several different styles making the lessons exciting, energetic and inspiring.


Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms and will maximize technique in every dancer. It provides grace, poise, and technique needed to be proficient in all other areas of dance.


Genevieve Ryan Dance Academy believes that Dance Doesn’t Discriminate and that is why we are one of the only dance schools that offers dance classes specialized to those with intellectual disabilities.


Acro dance is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with acrobatic elements.


Contemporary dance takes its roots in ballet and modern, but has more of an organic stance to movement.

Adult Dance Classes

A fun follow along cardio workout where you will burn calories dancing to some of your favorite tunes! This class is for everyone who like to move and have fun.

Spotlight Team

potlight team is our youngest Performing Company comprised of talented dancers. Spotlight dancers are invited through class and recital observation at the end of each season, or through audition.


This fun and popular class is for all dancers who love to perform! A mix of theatrical dancing that combines the songs of Musical Theatre with the movement of classical jazz styles.

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“Anybody can and should dance… It’s good for the body and the spirit.”