Laura Ray

Happy Feet & Hip Hop

Laura Ray has been teaching Hip Hop for GRDA since 2020. Her passion for Hip Hop started at the age of 6. Throughout her life she has explored many styles of dance including Jazz, Contemporary, and Musical Theatre, but Hip Hop and Commercial has always been her main focus. Laura was a student of GRDA from the age of 14 to 18. Competing through her teenage years she has won many trophies and titles and continued to compete through her college years at University Dance Intervarsity’s. Laura has completed and attended many courses and workshops including with Fly Studios and Acrobatic Arts. Laura’s other profession is personal training. Qualified as a gym instructor, personal trainer, and nutrition coach, Laura’s teachings go beyond the dance floor and focuses on the student’s health and wellbeing. “I love working with students of all ages, seeing their personalities develop and their confidence grow.”