The GRDA Way

Welcome to the Genevieve Ryan Dance Academy Family Blog!

My name is Genevieve Ryan, and I am the Owner and Program Director of Genevieve Ryan Dance Academy (GRDA). Dance and Yoga have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, giving me a unique philosophy toward what dance can be. 

The spirit of GDRA is expanding. This blog is here to bring the joy, benefits, and message of dance into your home, family, and community! It will offer opportunities for continued learning and connecting with your children (dancers or not)! This blog is for everyone!

If you’re new, here’s what you need to know about us.

Genevieve Ryan Dance Academy, Galway

The dedicated staff at Genevieve Ryan Dance Academy unlock each dancer’s full potential with skills & technique while nurturing the creative possibilities within them and their teammates. 

Our students’ dance training enriches their lives with physical and mental fitness, greater emotional awareness and tools to help them maintain their mental wellness. They will carry what they’ve learned far beyond the bounds of the studio’s mirrored walls. 

Dance education aids in the development of overall body positivity and appreciation. At GRDA students learn to fully appreciate their body and all the beautiful things it allows them to do. Our dance programs promote health, well-being, creativity and self-love. 

We aim to share our philosophy of dance with students through excellent technical instruction, emotional support and encouragement.

The Benefits of Dance

Genevieve Ryan Dance Academy

Our dance teachers are skilled at helping dancers of all ages realise their full potential through the lens of our Core Values.

Child Welfare

The top priority always goes to our dancers’ safety, wellness and joy!


Dancers get supportive, hands-on experience with planning how to achieve their goals.


Exploring new things, discovering, and celebrating what lights a dancer up! Helping them bring their authentic selves to their performances.


We set goals with our dancers, support them through their setbacks and (most importantly) celebrate their successes with them!


We work hard to create a safe space where the fullest expression of everyone is celebrated and free from judgement.


We foster an atmosphere of team support, compassion and kindness.

Customer Service

We warmly interact with our dancers, their families, and anyone else who walks through our doors. 

In this bi-monthly blog, you will find tips and tricks that we at GRDA have learned through experience. Whether it’s how to find the right class for your child or activities to do at home, you can find it here. 

Thank you for sharing this new endeavour with us, we look forward to sharing more with you!