This is My Toddler’s First Dance Class!

If you are a parent to a toddler or young child, you may find yourself asking… Why Can’t I join my little one?

So you’ve done it, you’ve signed your little one up for a Toddler Class.  They have been looking forward to this for a while now.  It’s the first day of class, you’re getting them into the car and…


It hits you, this is the first time that they will go into a class by themselves.

They might struggle going into the class, they might get upset. What can you do?

Take a deep breath, we’ve got you covered. At GRDA, we understand that this can be a daunting experience.  It can be emotionally difficult for your child, and also for you.  I know that at this age, you’ve been almost their entire world.  You’ve been their anchor in everything new (and scary!) they have encountered in their young life.  Your embrace is their safe space when the world gets too much.  We want you to continue to be that for them, for as long as they need. In support of that, we are prepared to help you and help them through this transition.  Compassionate care is one of our core values!

Let’s talk about what the beginning of class might look like:

Our teachers are trained and experienced in helping little one’s adjust to a new environment.  We are patient, kind, and use our best soothing and engaging techniques.  We know that for as long as a child is upset and crying, almost no instruction will get through to them.  Instead we will support them in their emotions until they are calm enough to have a conversation.  Then we will begin to ask questions and engage their curiosity in what the class is doing. 

Our Toddler Classes always have 2 teachers in them:

One will be leading the class and the other will be available for emotional support, bathroom trips, and other needs our youngest dancers have!  This model goes a long way to helping members of this age group feel secure while they adjust to activities without their caregiver.

When class begins, we bring our students into the studio. If your little one has no intention of leaving your side we invite parents to walk them in. We find that once children see what we are doing their interest and curiosity in the games and props initiates them slowly joining in. It is very common for them to even just sit and take it all in the first class. Once a child is comfortable we ask parents to slowly leave the classroom. If at any point students are upset and we know that there is no soothing them we will call you immediately. 

We Listen to Each Child’s Needs

If after 2 or 3 classes your child isn’t able to stay for the class, we will kindly advise that right now might not be the appropriate time for them.  They’re just not ready yet, and that’s okay! It’s no one’s fault and every child is different. 

What about the money you put into the program? We’ve thought about that too:

Our monthly tuition makes it gentle on your wallet if you need to pull them out after a few unsuccessful attempts!  

We understand that sometimes a child just isn’t ready.  When you feel that your child might be ready to try again, you’ll be welcomed back for another trial, and we are happy to support them in the same way again!

Our Drop-In classes are held the last week of each month.  You can register with our administration team (via email or during office hours).  Simply look for a class that has room in it!  Many of the toddler-aged dancers will attend a trial before registering to see how they like it, and whether they’re ready for this big step in their young lives!

Safety is Our First Priority

Rest assured, our first priority is to help these youngsters feel safe and secure away from their caregiver.  When the class has adjusted to being away from their caregivers, then we shift focus to learning basic movements, gross motor skills and some dance elements through the magic of play and activity.  

We are committed to giving your child a positive experience.  Your child will go on to remember this gentle, compassionate transition the next time they are doing something without you!  This helps them prepare for future success! 

For more information about our Toddler Classes, simply click here.

Thank you for reading!